Friday, February 20, 2009

Everlasting Arrangments...

We were prepping the shop for spring and make a few silk arrangements. I really wanted to create something more natural in color and elements. I used lots of grasses, wicker, and moss as a foundation for a green and brown color scheme. The design is asymmetrical but follows a very defined slope either up or down depending on which side you happen to be viewing the piece from. I like to use strong lines to make the eyes flow across the piece. Then after the observer feels comfortable with the flow of the line they are left to inspect the elements nestled in closer and really examine all the different elements and textures in the piece.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nick and Kadee

Utah winter weddings create a challenge for the bride and groom, seeing as how it's usually freezing cold outside. Luckily the weather cooperated and set the stage for a beautiful day. Kadee's color scheme was predominantly red with accents of black and white. She also wanted to add a little Asian flair by using some geometric shapes and Chinese lanterns.

Her bouquet was comprised of lilies, roses, kangaroo paw, horse tail, fern curls (or monkey tails), and white dendrobium orchids wrapped in a double black stain wrap with red wire accents.
Nicks Boutonniere was kept simple and masculine using the horsetail to create a strong background for the rose. We distinguished the grooms boutonniere from the other men by adding fern curl, giving it an intriguing texture variation. We also mimicked the wrap on the brides bouquet with black satin ribbon and red wire accents.
The centerpieces were kept simple with a cascade of graduating lilies, ruscus, horsetail, and curly will with beaded accents.
For the candy bar we used a combination of whimsically placed james storii and dendrobium orchids with currly willow, orchid chains, and bead accents.