Friday, July 31, 2009

July Weddings

Something about the summer beckons for beautiful outdoor weddings. Below are a few collages of different events in different styles that we were thrilled to create during this last month.

Beautiful fiery tones stirred up excitement with mango calla lilies, red roses, and green cymbidium orchids.

Green and white has become a new fresh and trendy color pallet. It is an invigorating addition to a traditionally all white wedding.

Sunny days bring sunny flowers. The two-tone yellow lilies created a vibrant punch of color for a fun summer night.

Blue and green created a calming and beach-like ambiance setting the tone for this laid back couple.

Fragrance filled the air with this beautiful hot pink and white wedding. The stargazer lilies created a pop of color and filled the chapel with an enticingly sweet aroma.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Celebrity Celebrations

Here are a few shots from a passionately purple wedding this last weekend. The bridal party included 17 bridesmaids and over 20 groomsmen. Needless to say it was an amazing event, fit for the famous couple. The bridesmaid bouquets were a beautiful bled of lavender, plum, and two-tone calla lilies with ti leaf, lily grass, and monstera leaf accents. The natural and semi tropical style created a beautiful and dramatic ambiance for the outdoor ceremony.

From crystal bead curtains, satin lined tents, and a canopy of lush white flowers, every last detail was executed to perfection. The ceremony was held at the Club at Carlton Woods, and the reception followed after at the Fazio Club at Carlton Woods, just down the street. The bridesmaids plum dresses stood out beautifully against a background of all white. The brides dramatic entrance was emphasized by flower girls spreading petals from baskets on a pony's back and her arrival by an all white horse drawn carriage.

The reception was also a spectacle to behold. The Fazio was transformed from a rustic Mediterranean villa to a castle draped in lavender, plum, and chocolate satin from floor to ceiling. We alternated the height of the centerpieces to add additional impact and interest. A garland of flowers including orchids and miniature garden roses surrounded the base of the cake, as well as the custom ice sculpture. Each napkin was adorned with a purple dendrobium orchid, and the brides and grooms table had a sexy and sleek arrangement full of plum, lavender, and two tone calla lilies, lily grass, and dark ti leaves.

When all was said and done the Fazio looked appropriately fit for a King and his new Queen.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2009 TSFA Convention in Dallas... Part 3

After lunch on Sunday we had the opportunity to go see Keith White present a class on wedding design. He broke the class down into color schemes and emphasized using different tones of one color to create depth and impact in an arrangment or bouquet. He broke the colors into 3 main categories:
Orange and Red
Pinks and Purples
White and Green
It's classes and seminars like these that inspire us to experiment with wedding design and continually strive to be innovative. I especially loved the long dramatic bouquets - for example the white tulip bouquet with ice crystals wrapped around the stem. For some reason I can envision a winter bride carrying this style of bouquet. Or the Scepter bouquet with calla lilies, roses, and lily grass, it has a regal appeal with it's dramatic stem length. He also used different jewels to accent his designs, which was an interesting way to introduce some sparkle.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

2009 TSFA Convention in Dallas... Part 2

The convention was an inspirational event. It is at conventions, and in classes that we learn new trends, new techniques, and most importantly, we learn about new flowers and what we can offer our customers. It is this information that becomes invaluable to us as we strive to be leaders in our industry.

A fun new tip that we picked up at our luncheon was the introduction of the use of various succulents in floral designs. Using live plants to add texture and a natural quality really made the luncheon centerpieces pop. They also alternated 3 different designs; 2 high and 1 low, to add variety to the room. All three pieces were different in style and design but they all incorporated the same elements and color scheme; which created a sense of unity through out the room.

Monday, July 27, 2009

2009 TSFA Convention in Dallas... Part 1

The convention in Dallas was filled with shows, vendors, resources, workshops, and of course flowers. Sunday morning we attended a show that focused on 3 aspects of design: Traditional, Trendy, and Interpretive. These are all areas of focus that seem to be a staple in the flower industry. Customers today are searching for a florist who can amaze and inspire with trendy, contemporary, and edgy design. But they are also looking for a florist who has a solid knowledge of the basic principles of design and could just as easily make something very traditional.

Flowers evoke emotion. It is our responsibility as artists and designers to ensure that we portray the emotion our customers are seeking through the flowers and style that we choose. The class introduced us to a few new ideas. Using patterned paper to accent the table in place of a mirror, or creating satalite pieces with floating orchids and wire were some suggestions demonstrated. Some pieces were also created with a theme in mind; for example the top left picture is a representation of the Emerald City from the Wizard of Oz. Flowers are fun and create an ambiance for any event that will be forever remembered.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cheers to the newest TMF and TMFA...

This past weekend was cause for us to celebrate. We all made the treck up to Dallas for our annual Texas State Florist convention (which we will post more about later). While in Dallas, we attended an awards luncheon to celebrate our new Texas Master Florists and Texas master Florist Advanced.

Fiona and Frances were presented with their certificate of completetion for their Texas Master Florist (TMF) certification. Early this year they completed all the online business courses to qualify to participate in a hands on workshop, classes, and exams at Texas A&M University. After a long and design intensive weekend lead by none other than the famous Jim Johnson and Judy Rutledge, Fiona and Frances blew the instructors away by their designs. It was a proud moment to watch as they were honored by the Texas State Floral Education Comitee and presented with their official certificates and TMF pins.

After their award presentation, we had the honor to watch our very own Mary recieve her Texas Master Florists Advanced (TMFA) certification. The TMFA certification is a rigorus and intensive program where the participants are expected to attends a variety of design workshops, classes, seminars, and conventions. Mary's dedication to the industry and her passion for floral art excelled as she participated in workshops hosted by Hitomi, and many others. It was a true honor to be a part of her accomplishment.

Frances was also presented with the Lavon Bankhead PCFI scholarship from the Texas Floral Endowment society for her enthusiasm and dedication to the floral industry to help her pursue her career goals.

We'd like to congratulate Mary, Fiona, and Frances for their outstanding accomplishment.