Friday, August 28, 2009

Everyday Elegance

Flowers are such a welcome addition to any home. So what is stopping you from enjoying such a beautiful creation in the comfort of your home on a regular basis? Good question, the obvious answer is nothing!

Give us a call and we can set up an account at no extra charge. Many of our clients prefer to have weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly arrangements sent to them on a regular basis. Pick up the phone, give us a call, we'll gladly help set up your free account and we can arrange a schedule that works best for you.

Or if you have a vase or container that is meaningful to you, bring it in and let us arrange something spectacular to show off your heirloom. We take great pride in our work, and will take special care of your precious belongings, while we arrange something fabulous for your home.

Why shouldn't everyone enjoy an arrangement in their living room, bathroom, kitchen, or all three? Flowers have been clinically proven to improve the overall mood and atmosphere of a home, so why not add a little joy to your life. Let us customize arrangements to be sent to your home on a regular basis. Plus, any standing account also receives free delivery! So save yourself the cost of delivery, and add a little joy to your home with a gorgeous arrangement from The Blooming Idea.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Summer Lovin'...

... with a slight chance of rain. Fortunately the skies stayed blue, and the red umbrellas made for a fun photographic touch. The Brides love of the heat of summer and bright exciting colors set the tone for this black, white, and red wedding with a punch of yellow.

The 10 stunning bridesmaids carried a beautiful long stemmed bouquet of solid red roses, two toned yellow roses, and miniature yellow gerbera daises wrapped in a gorgeous black satin ribbon, corset style. The Bride carried a two dozen red rose bouquet with dramatically long stems wrapped in the same corset style in black satin ribbon. The beautiful skies, and gorgeous flowers set the tone for this bright and lively summer wedding.
*Photos courtesy of Matt Christensen Photography *

Thursday, August 13, 2009

With Deepest Sympathy

Flowers are a silent companion for all of life's major events. We often receive flowers in celebration of birth and on birthdays. Young couples courting often exchange flowers as a sign of affection. Flowers adorn all aspects of the celebration of weddings and anniversaries. All too often we loose those who are near and dear to us. Thus, it seems fitting that in memorandum to those we love, we show our appreciation and respect with an arrangement of flowers that is reflective of the personality of those who have passed.

Sympathy designs can be used to express a story or different aspects of the personality of the deceased. The mere presence of flowers at a memorial service changes the tone of the venue. Flowers provide a transition for those who find themselves in a stark reality to a softer more peaceful transitory state. Flowers are the essential medium used to express emotion in a time where words seems to be void of meaning.

A showcased above, a recent trend in floral tributes is personalization. Often times color is the main focus, but design, style, and various adornments are also popular. For example; incorporating an American flag for a veteran or using red, white and blue can symbolize their service and devotion to their country. One who loved the outdoors could have a more naturalistic design. Or a former Chef or Baker could have an arrangement made in a mixer with a spatula or whisk as an accent. Sympathy designs are the perfect way to express emotions that seem difficult to categorize. Let us customize a design for you and your occasion that will express your deepest sympathies.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Designing For Excellence

Earlier this summer Mary ventured up to Texas A&M to participate in a hands on class with Hitomi and other designers. The class focused on a few different areas including sympathy, bouquets, everyday arrangements, and floral jewelry (or as we like to call it - living jewelry). Below are a few pictures from their style filled weekend.
Everyday and Sympathy
Living Jewelry


Sympathy and Everyday