Sunday, May 30, 2010

Purple Is All The Rage

With it's rich depth and royal history purples have come swinging back into the bridal color pallets. The jewel tones of the color creates instant drama that you can't help but admire. These gentlemen are sporting 2 different styles of boutonnieres. The Groom (int he middle) has a sleek two tone ivory calla lily with a deep purple throat. The Groomsmen are wearing a traditional ivory rose boutonniere with a touch of greenery to help frame the rose against the lapel.

Some popular trends at this event were expressed in the color and in the candy bar... a beautiful and fun idea that we can't ger enough of. We know sometimes it can be tricky finding all the right vases to create such a beautiful display for your customized candy bar so we encourage youto come take a look at ours! We rent beautiful oversized vases all the time! We would love to help you create a beautiful display for your guests. Stop by to come see our show room or give us a call and we'd love to help you in anyway we can.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Candle Light, Cool Colors & A Beautiful Bride

There are just some color combinations that calm you down. Blues, greens, ivories and whites are the perfect combination for a calm yet excited bridal party. Naturalistic design and visual impact with intricate textures creates dramatic impact while the colors cool everything down. These blushing attendants carried bouquets with agapanthus, hydrangea, blueplurum, lisianthus and a mixture of greenery, while the bridal bouquet was intoxicatingly fragrant. Her flowers included traditional garden roses, lisianthus, ranunculus, tuberrose, hypericum berries and a touch of greenery to frame it out.

The ceremony was held on the Forest Deck at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center. This is one of my favorite venues for an outdoor wedding. It looks over the golf course and creates an absolutely stunning natral backdrop. We used the same cool color scheme with the greens, blues and ivories for the Gazebo decor, which when paired with the white flowing curtains creates a beautiful softer more formal setting for a sacred ceremony. We also double purposed the couple's unity table arrangement with hanging candles, hydrangea, curly willow and bells of ireland as their sign in table arrangement for their reception.
The reception was held in The Glass at The Woodlands Resort and Conference Center, which continued their natural setting theme with walls of glass looking out over the water. Every detail was cared for with beautiful centerpieces of wreaths filled with beautiful flowers and hurricanes with floating candles. The head table was dressed up with tall arching arrangements filled with curly willow, stock, bells of ireland, hydrangea and hanging tea lights. The vases were filled with crystals and underwater lights creating a soft glow for the bridal party table. The colors, the setting and the beautiful bride made this event truly memorable.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Beautiful and Delicate

There are certain flowers that are so delicate they truly can only be used for event work. Stephanotis and gardenias fall in that category. Both sweetly fragrant, they have to be handled with the utmost care.

Stephanotis are a sweet star shaped flower that can be customized to fit your style. Gardenias on the other hand are a larger focal flower with an intensely strong fragrance. Both of which are very sensitive to any force and very easily turn yellow or brown. Due to their delicate nature they are both considered high end blooms and thus have a matching high end price tag.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Mothers Day Recap

Mothers Day is one of our favorite holidays. Who wouldn't love a day to celebrate all the many types of mothers in our lives? The Club at Carlton Woods hosts a slew of wonderful events during that week and we have the privlidge of creating some truly stunning showpieces for them.
This year we used 2 different color schemes for each clubhouse. For the Fazio club house at The Carlton Woods Creekside we used soft peaches, creams and yellows to compliment the gorgeous decor. Napkins were adorned with a beautiful gladiola bloom, while centerpieces had tufts of ribbon intermixed with stock, roses, lilies, and cushion mums.
For the Nicklaus club house we used a softer color pallet of greens and pinks. With tablscapes including miniature maidenhair fern, ivy, tulips, hypericum and miniature garden roses added a soft natural feel full of growth and potential to the decor of the club.

The showpieces for the event sat atop beutiful clarinet vases filled with roses, lilies, hydrangea, calla lilies, cherry blossom branches and blueplurum. They were the perfect display of soft colors, beautiful textures and luscious arrangements.
The main showpiece was surrounded by swirling calla lilies, goblets with floating candles and rose petals. If only pictures could capture the impact of such a stunning piece, but nevertheless we love to share our work with you.  So to all you Mothers out there, we hope you had a fabulous Mothers Day. It is truly a wonderful time to celebrate all you do for all of us.

Monday, May 10, 2010

We could use a little sunshine!

With hurricane season around the corner, we could all use a little sunshine. These giant sunflowers are a surefire way to get a giant smile!

-- Posting on the run

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

House Party Customs

In addition to do beautiful florals for all your everyday needs and your events, we also love to do custom work for your home! Having a party? A few guests over for the weekend? Just love fresh flowers around you at all times? Give us a call! We love doing custom work and will make it just the way you like!

Here are a few arrangements that we did in a variety of vases for a house party this last weekend. They were having company over for a very special event and needed to freshen things up a bit. 
It's amazing how flowers can create such a welcoming atmosphere. The peaches, pinks, and whites were a beautiful compliment to the soft and romantic color scheme throughout their home.