Friday, August 28, 2009

Everyday Elegance

Flowers are such a welcome addition to any home. So what is stopping you from enjoying such a beautiful creation in the comfort of your home on a regular basis? Good question, the obvious answer is nothing!

Give us a call and we can set up an account at no extra charge. Many of our clients prefer to have weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly arrangements sent to them on a regular basis. Pick up the phone, give us a call, we'll gladly help set up your free account and we can arrange a schedule that works best for you.

Or if you have a vase or container that is meaningful to you, bring it in and let us arrange something spectacular to show off your heirloom. We take great pride in our work, and will take special care of your precious belongings, while we arrange something fabulous for your home.

Why shouldn't everyone enjoy an arrangement in their living room, bathroom, kitchen, or all three? Flowers have been clinically proven to improve the overall mood and atmosphere of a home, so why not add a little joy to your life. Let us customize arrangements to be sent to your home on a regular basis. Plus, any standing account also receives free delivery! So save yourself the cost of delivery, and add a little joy to your home with a gorgeous arrangement from The Blooming Idea.

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