Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2009 TSFA Convention in Dallas... Part 3

After lunch on Sunday we had the opportunity to go see Keith White present a class on wedding design. He broke the class down into color schemes and emphasized using different tones of one color to create depth and impact in an arrangment or bouquet. He broke the colors into 3 main categories:
Orange and Red
Pinks and Purples
White and Green
It's classes and seminars like these that inspire us to experiment with wedding design and continually strive to be innovative. I especially loved the long dramatic bouquets - for example the white tulip bouquet with ice crystals wrapped around the stem. For some reason I can envision a winter bride carrying this style of bouquet. Or the Scepter bouquet with calla lilies, roses, and lily grass, it has a regal appeal with it's dramatic stem length. He also used different jewels to accent his designs, which was an interesting way to introduce some sparkle.

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