Sunday, July 26, 2009

Cheers to the newest TMF and TMFA...

This past weekend was cause for us to celebrate. We all made the treck up to Dallas for our annual Texas State Florist convention (which we will post more about later). While in Dallas, we attended an awards luncheon to celebrate our new Texas Master Florists and Texas master Florist Advanced.

Fiona and Frances were presented with their certificate of completetion for their Texas Master Florist (TMF) certification. Early this year they completed all the online business courses to qualify to participate in a hands on workshop, classes, and exams at Texas A&M University. After a long and design intensive weekend lead by none other than the famous Jim Johnson and Judy Rutledge, Fiona and Frances blew the instructors away by their designs. It was a proud moment to watch as they were honored by the Texas State Floral Education Comitee and presented with their official certificates and TMF pins.

After their award presentation, we had the honor to watch our very own Mary recieve her Texas Master Florists Advanced (TMFA) certification. The TMFA certification is a rigorus and intensive program where the participants are expected to attends a variety of design workshops, classes, seminars, and conventions. Mary's dedication to the industry and her passion for floral art excelled as she participated in workshops hosted by Hitomi, and many others. It was a true honor to be a part of her accomplishment.

Frances was also presented with the Lavon Bankhead PCFI scholarship from the Texas Floral Endowment society for her enthusiasm and dedication to the floral industry to help her pursue her career goals.

We'd like to congratulate Mary, Fiona, and Frances for their outstanding accomplishment.